In Association with the Global South Research Consortium


African American and Native American studies have often been analyzed in relative silos despite clear linkages throughout time. These connections remain significant, but are left largely unaddressed. The Afro-Amerindian Research & Cultural Center (AARCC) Research Working Group is charged with addressing the far reaching implications of this area of study by developing research and academic perspectives on African American and Native American intersection.

Goals of Research Working Group

The AARCC Research Working Group has a number of priorities and desired outcomes including the following:

  • To Create a lasting working relationship between African American studies, Native American studies and Interdisciplinary scholars, both independently and collaboratively.

  • Create a framework for Afro-Amerindian Studies.

  • Create new theoretical and pedagogical approaches within the subject area of African American and Native American studies.

  • Develop curriculum for workshops and courses for AARCC and external institutions.

  • Develop original academic research centered on exploring intersections among African American and Native American people groups throughout the Americas.​

  • Locate, create and develop spaces in which to present and/or distribute scholarly work and research.

  • Collect and analyze new and innovative data and relevant research findings.

  • Create and maintain communication among those collecting and analyzing relevant data and datasets.

If interested in joining the AARCC Research Working Group, please contact us at info@AARCCenter.org